Rome in one day

Rome in one day, sounds impossible, but it can be done! Here’s a sample itinerary that I know works!

  • Start your day early with coffee, you’re going to need it! And some excellent walking shoes. While you’re picking up your coffee at the counter, grab some pre-made panni’s and some water, or wine for a picnic later. (when you order coffee stand at the counter for the cheapest pay to sit at the table)

  • Walk to the Colosseum, your goal is to be here as soon as they open. along the way soak up Rome waking up, and starting its day. The cafe’s will be full of people grabbing an espresso before heading to work.
  • Arrive at the Colosseum, and walk straight up to the ticket counter…there are usually plenty of tour groups milling around, trying to get organized, but you should be able to walk right in. You’ll have the place almost to yourself for about an hour…once the place starts to fill up.
  • Walk over to the roman forum…you will have about an hour to explore these ruins, and see where Julius Caesar was assassinated, as well as the temple of the Vestal Virgins.once you’re at the end of the Forum, you’ll be able to see the swells of tourists bearing down on you…it time to escape.

  • Climb over to Palatine Hill. This is where the wealthy of Rome lived, and it’s a great place to have your picnic! find a shady spot and sit down and enjoy while looking over Rome. While there check out the house of Livi and look for the cave of legend where Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) where found by the she-wolf.

  • Head to Vatican City. MAKE SURE TO MAKE RESERVATIONS BEFORE!!! (you can go to thier web site and get tickets/reservations online…this is something you’ll have to do weeks in advance) Lines here are brutal. You can wait for hours, or walk right in on your reservation time. 
  • Dinner time. Rome is full of amazing places to eat, and honestly even the touristy ones are pretty good. If you want pizza please, please, please make sure you find somewhere that has authentic pizza: think square, pre made pizzas that they cut by weight-or hand measurement and re-heat in brick ovens. Its life changing.
  • Stroll around the Pantheon, over to Trivi fountain,make sure to throw a coin over your shoulder and make a wish for a return to Rome, and watch for pickpockets, and to Piazza Navona. Finally head back to your room and sleep like the dead. 

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  1. Emily S says:

    This is all such great advice, even if you spend more than one day there! I’m glad I know to make reservations to visit the Vatican! Isn’t it awful to think you’d waste so much of your precious traveling time just standing in queues?


    1. It is crazy!! The first time I went, we got there an hour before they opened, and still stood in line for three hours!!! Reservations are definitely the way to go!!


  2. Rome wasn’t built in a day but could be visited in one! 😉
    I had the misfortune of missing my flight to Italy, so my stay in Rome was sadly shortened to 1.5 days. With a little espresso and willpower, anything is possible! 😉


  3. Hi there! I just started following your adventures and love the fact that you are into the whole backpacking/budget travel thing. It really is difficult for me to find other flight attendants who like adventure travel. It’s like a breath of fresh air to see others taking advantage of the travel benefits for something other than all-inclusive Caribbean resorts!
    Plus, it’s nice to find another flight attendant blog on the blogosphere!


    1. Thanks!! I know exactly what you mean! When I tell other flight attendants I stay in hostels they usually look terrified! Glad you found me!! I’m checking out your blog right now!


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