TBT: Italy, my first non-solo international trip.

Why do I always seem to,think that working the day before a trip is a good idea?? It seems like every time before a trip I end up working until 11 pm-only to have to be up and ready to go, and at the airport five hours later! So there I am…it’s been 24 hours since I’ve slept, and I only have three hours before I’m supposed to be at the airport. At least I’m so exhausted I’ll sleep no matter how excited I am. This will be my first international trip with my best friend that I’ve known since we were 18months old. And it will be her first trip to Europe. We’re staying in hostels (my favorite) but I’m worried about wether or not she’ll like them. I’ve noticed that hostels are very polarizing you usually either love them or hate them.
We meet in Miami (she’s had even less sleep than I have) but we’re both on a bit of an adrenaline high.

We can’t sleep most of the flight to Milan, and we stay up talking, only finally sleeping a little at the end.
After we land we jump on a train and head straight to venice. This is where we finally crash and get about four hours of well needed sleep! I’m sure people were judging us, looking all raggedy and worn out. Finally, we arrive!
I love the bustle of the main station in venice, and how, as soon as you walk out the front doors you are on the canals…there is Venice in all her glamorous decay.

Our hostel is outside of venice, on the main land so we take a bus to get there. We (of course) get off at the wrong stop and then have to ask for directions. This is the thing…it’s stupid, and I know this, but metric really does me in. When you say something is a kilometer away, you could be saying its 30feet or 500 miles. And after walking for almost an hour, stopping at three places for directions, and each time being told its “about a kilometer” I’m thinking I’m not the only one who doesn’t understand how far it is. We’re staying in a campground, and have sprung for the “expensive” cabins ($16 each).

The outside of our little cabin:

After a quick clean up, we head back into Venice for dinner. I know that for the most part, venice is touristy, however we score a great dinner in a quiet palazzo, where we watch the city slowly empty of tourists and day trippers. After dinner we stroll around, finding small alleys and footbridges. One of the best things about Venice is that it’s an island so you can get as lost as you want!
This is an abandoned room we found, down a quiet alleyway.

After walking (ie being lost) fro a few hours, my best friend finds a wine shop right on the canal. It’s beautiful, and filled with locals,and we take our last glass down to the stairs on the canal and slowly savor the wine, and the sounds and smells of venice. Luckily I’ve never encountered the awful smells that some people complain of in venice. (Off season has its perk!!)
We finally return to bed, to get ready for our next day: the islands of burano and murano!


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  1. cvconnell says:

    A good read and a great destination.
    Re metric confusion and klicks (kilometers), just multiple the kilometers by .6 (six tenths) or take half and add 20% (one-fifth). Six klicks = 3.6 miles. It’s a little tricker to do the math in your head for miles to kilometers, but it’s simply the inverse: divide by three and multiple by five. Three miles = 1 times 5 = 5 klicks.
    Keep having fun.


    1. Thanks! I’ll have to keep this handy for the next time I have to do conversions!!


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