San Antonio: Remember the Alamo

On our way to the hotel from the airport, i ask the driver what is interesting to see around here. My careful planning days are over, now I ask for recommendations or just leave the hotels and get lost nearby. Since I’m always on foot I figure I can’t get that lost…and I’ve found some wonderful things that way. But our driver mentions riverwalk and the Alamo. I like history…as a matter of fact I love history, but unfortunately all I can remember about the Alamo, is that Davey Crockett was there, and people died.


It’s right smack in the middle of San Antonio, right near the river, and it is a shrine. Going in is free, and there are guides that will help you and talk to you. its fascinating to glimpse some of what helped shaped present day Texas. I grew up going to all sorts of history related things, and I’ve learned that talking to the people who have a passion for what they are doing is a great way to learn new things.

After the Alamo my crew and I wandered down to river street. It’s hot and sticky, but the slight breeze from the river helps cool us down. Water taxis glide by, and we can hear their operators telling stories of San Antonio, and he river. It’s mainly tourists down here, loud families with overtired kids, but as night falls this changes and some of the locals come out. Lights twinkle and reflect of the water and the whole place turns magical.


On the way back to the hotel there is a small amphitheater that faces the river with a concert. It requires tickets to get in, but instead, I sit down by the river and listen to the music as it floats across the water. Later, as I head to the hotel I see some street vendors, near the amphitheater. There’s crafts and food! I grab some homemade tamales and walk back to the hotel, sign in comes early tomorrow.


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