Indianapolis: my first layover!

I start my first trip, and thankfully I have another new hire flight attendant to help me! After eight and a half weeks of training my brain is mush, and I’ve completely forgotten everything we learned about the actual service. (I’ve been having stress dreams about evacuating the plane, so at least I have that down pat!) Thank god I’m coming from a restaurant background, it really does make the multitasking and serving 140 people in twenty minutes a lot easier. After we land and head to the hotel I’m still in a bit of a daze, I’ve really done it and am a flight attendant, and my life is now going to be a string of new cities and adventures!!! Running to my hotel window I’m rewarded with a wonderful view overlooking a square in downtown Indianapolis. (I’ve learned that this was a bit of a fluke…often our views aren’t as picturesque.)



The next morning I met up with my crew mate and we went to wander before our pickup later in the afternoon. This is also a bit of a fluke, lots of times people won’t go out at all on layovers-they’re called “slam clickers” for the noise the doors and locks make when they go to their hotel rooms. (I actually enjoy it either way, since at heart I will always be a solo traveler.)

Downtown is a vibrant area filled with shops, restaurants and sports bars. We stop in a local brewery for lunch, and as I’m walking to the back I step in something warm and squishy. I’m in flip flops and it’s one of the worst experiences, all wet and warm and between my toes. Immediately I think the worst: that it may be poop, or throw up, and I’m scared to look down. Turns out it was just the hops from the beer, they had just pulled some off and happened to drop it. Still ick, but given the alternative I’m thrilled!
Unfortunately we never got to try the beer, since we had to work later that night, but next time I go back I will!



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