Las Vegas: the bachelorette

Well, I missed last week, but I really feel that I had a completely justified excuse: I was at my best friends bachelorette party in Las Vegas!! Now I have a problem, I wasn’t able to post last week, and unfortunately what I came post is somewhat limited due to the fact that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

Instead of a strip club, we decided to go to “Zumanity” which is tag lined as “the sensual side of cirque de soli”. It was amazing! Not quite as many areal acrobatics, but I imagine the ropes would cause horrible chafing on bare skin. And there was a lot of bare skin.


The next day we tried one of the buffets that Vegas is so famous for. Normally you can’t pay me to eat at a buffet as they go against everything I love, (mainly good food, cooked well, and sanitary conditions) I would rather eat food off a kitchen floor, or a street cart in India than a buffet. Buffets are dirty. But….Vegas is known for its buffets, so why not? ( the fact that they also have unlimited sparkling wine was a plus too). Gotta say it was a huge success! We went to the Bellagio, and the choices were overwhelming. Definitely something that I will do again. I definitely think the casino lost money letting me in…I feel like I may have seriously eaten my weight.

The bar at the Cosmopolitan.

Fun fact: casinos offer free gambling lessons. Now I am aware that these are obviously for the casinos benefit, and solely to entice you to play, and it’s a genius strategy on their part…because after a thirty minute lesson your ready to hit the tables with your new found knowledge!! (We did win, but not lots.) And they feed you drinks at the table. Not the best idea after you’ve already been somewhere that’s all you can drink….so here’s our strategy…once you’ve won back what you’ve put in, and then some, take the bigger chips and put them in your purse…this way you’ll always break even…and probably actually make a little more. So, my best friend and I are playing and we’re putting the chips into my bag…time comes to cash out. By this point I may have imbibed in quite a few drinks… We’re trying to divide up the chips, and I apparently refused to give her any of the green chips back (green is my favorite color). And making change for them with smaller chips was very difficult. All I can say to justify this is “they were pretty!!” Lol (what really makes no sense is that we were walking to cash them in…it’s not like I actually kept them!)




ps. I have had the absolute worst time ever trying to get pictures on to this post…grrr.


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  1. Probably a good decision not to go to the strip clubs…too dang expensive in Vegas…and also a little bit dirty IMHO.


    1. good to know! I don’t feel like we missed out on anything!:)


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