No time like the present

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for almost a year now. Planning out posts and trying to figure out a timeline, making sure that everything was just right. Then last night, I had an epiphany. If I wait until everything is perfect, I will never do this. I will never be ready. Which means that the perfect time is now, and I’m ready now! So a little about me, to get this started:

I love exploring. The feeling you get when you see a new place. The smells, the people, the ground beneath your feet, and of course, the food!! And I’ve come to realize that the most important thing on these adventures is you. Your sense of joy and awe. Your ability to truly enjoy the moment, be involved, and be excited whether you are in an exotic local, or right up the street.

Over a year ago I decided I was going to go somewhere for my birthday. I was turning 30 and I wanted to celebrate. So I started looking for low cost fares, and found a trip: Paris, France for 9 days! On my flight I started talking to one of the flight attendants and I remember thinking “this would be a pretty cool job!” A few weeks after I came back home, I was listening to the radio, and they had a news story about how they were looking for flight attendants. So I decided, why not? The worst that could happen is they wouldn’t accept my application. Fast foreword, and here I am, getting paid to travel!! Not all of our destinations are glamorous, and we usually have only a few hours to explore (sleep is important!) But I’ve had some amazing trips, both here in the US, and internationally. And need I mention the flight benefits? Because I am just starting out, the pay is less than stellar, so I am on a serious budget. As in a ramen noodle budget. It’s like just starting out all over again! But I’ve still managed to find some amazing things to do for free, or almost free, you can still enjoy the world without breaking the bank. I am also somewhat restricted by the actual location of my hotel. Because a lot of my exploring is done in just a few hours, on my layover between trips, I have to stick to areas that I can walk to. But what better way is there to really connect with a city than by walking? Every city has its own personality. Some are like your best friend, while others are the ex you never want to see again. my goal is to see as many as I can, and keep my sense of wonder as I do. I’ve been keeping a journal as I travel, so I will be posting my experiences (and lots of pictures) here: come explore with me!


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  1. I’m a new follower!! Looking forward to reading your posts!


    1. Yay!! I’m so excited! I’ll have a new post later this week!

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